Shore dive


This dive location is almost at the most Western point on the island. It is next to a public beach.

There is a pier here and next to it a place where you can put your boat from a trailer into the water. There are a few buildings and there is a place where you can buy your fish fresh from the fishermen. The place is very picturesque because of the small boats in the blue water. 
There is a large sandy plateau before you reach the drop-off. And it is not really a drop-off but a very gradual slope from about 8 meters till about 30. The slope is covered with healthy coral and lots of sponges. And strangely enough you see a green plant everywhere; this is in fact an alga. It is the Small-leaf Hanging Vine. Sometimes the leaves are completely white (calcified?).
You can easily stay around 10 to 15 meters and see lots of corals, sponges and fish.

How to get there

westpunt_htgtComing from the Eastern part of the island you first have to go to the roundabout of Zegu (close to the airport). You cannot miss this roundabout because there is only one road to the Western part of the island and it starts here. Follow this Weg naar Westpunt ("Road to Westpoint"). After a half hour drive from the roundabout you pass the entrance to the Chistoffel Park, our National Park. Keep following the road till you see at your left hand side the restaurant of Jaanchi and the sign to Playa Kalki and Watamula to the right. Still continue along the main road but look closely till you see a road at your right hand side. It is just before a split in the main road (see picture). Go to the right and drive slowly till you reach the coast. Park your car there and prepare for your dive.