Shore dive
Beach facilities

Playa Lagun is a nice secluded bay, perfect for diving and snorkeling and also perfect for a BBQ on the sides of the sandy beach (BBQ on the beach itself is no longer allowed).

Lagun has a nice sandy beach. The bay is relatively small but long with on both sides vertical cliffs. Close to these cliffs it is perfect snorkeling. For diving this is one of my favorite sites. Swimming out on your back till the drop-off takes about 5 minutes. Don't forget to look downwards from time to time because I have seen turtles and squids within the bay or just outside the bay.

Both sides along the drop-off are nice for diving. My preference is toward the East because there the coral density is the highest. There are very impressive formation of Star coral around 12 meters. Deeper there are large Giant Barrel Sponges. Always look inside these sponges, there could be a large crab inside. Often a turtle can be spotted on this side and near the entrance of the bay on your way back in you should look out for squids.

To the West the coral density is less, but it is still very nice there. At first there is a lot of sand but this changes when you go further. There is an abundance of sponges. 
Once we have seen a Manta here, the first and only one I have seen. An unforgettable sight.

The current is mostly moderate to absent, so most of the time you can freely choose which side to go.

How to get there

playa_lagun_htgtComing from the Eastern part of the island you take the road to Westpunt. That is the only road from the Eastern part toward the Western part of the island. Follow this road untill you see a roadsign with Soto on it. There you go left in the direction of Soto. You stay on that road for a long time. You pass the village of Soto. Going on you pass the plantation house of Santa Cruz on you right hand side and a short time later the entrance to the Santa Cruz beach. Drive on, follow the curve in the road and you will soon see the entrance to the Lagun beach (see picture). There is a large tree in the middle of the road. Turn left and park you car near the beach.