Shore dive


Playa Jerimi is beach that has not much shade to offer. So if you want to stay long you have to come early to get one of the very few huts or bring your own shade. You also have to bring your own food and drinks because there are no facilities here.

The beach is often quiet. This increases the risk that someone breaks into your car while you are at the beach or in the water. It happened ones to my buddy in me in 1999 and since then we have avoided this beach. In 2007 we went back and I got the feeling that it is safer. And indeed nothing happened while we were in the water. But be warned and don't leave any valuables visible in the car.

The beach is partly sandy and partly coral rubble. The bay is a bit wider than that of Lagun. Also here on both sides there are steep cliffs.

The diving is very nice here. Swimming out to the drop-off takes a bit longer than at Lagun but it is not too far. Also here you should look under you when swimming out on you back on the surface. Even in the bay you sometimes see a turtle. In the bay there is mostly white sand. The drop-off starts gradually from 10 meters to 15 and from there on more steeply (around 45 degrees). The coral density is high and the coral looks healthy. There are also sponges but less than at Lagun or San Juan. And the strange thing is that you don't see any Giant Barrel Sponge at a greater depth than about 15 meters. At least we didn't see any going to the East. At 15 meters there are several of these giant sponges.

Going eastward you first pass a large path of sand from the sandy beach to the depth. As soon as you are past that area there are a lot of corals and you see hardly any sand in between.

How to get there

playa_jerimi_htgtComing from the Eastern part of the island you take the road to Westpunt. That is the only road from the Eastern part toward the Western part of the island. Follow this road untill you see a roadsign with Soto on it. There you go left in the direction of Soto. You stay on that road for a long time. You pass the village of Soto. Going on you pass the plantation house of Santa Cruz on you right hand side and a short time later the entrance to the Santa Cruz beach and the entrance to Playa Lagun. Drive on through the village of Lagun till you come at a T-crossing. There you go left and almost immediately you see the sign of Playa Jerimi (see picture). Turn left and drive to the parking lot. Park your car.