Shore dive

This is a dive site between the plantation of San Juan and Sunset Waters. It is not easily found unless you know how to get there.

It is a rubble beach with a bit of shade under the trees. To the left and to the right there are cliffs. On the right hand side (facing the sea) there are houses on top of the cliff. 
The entrance into the water is easy. There are some rocks in the water and there can be some waves but normally you can just walk into the water till you are sufficiently deep to put on your fins.
The heading out is 240 degrees (WSW). The drop off is not far from shore. The slope of the reef is about 45 degrees and at times a bit steeper. The part in front of the beach is a bit "dusty" from all the sand but that changes more to the East if you go left and probably also to the West (which I didn't check out yet). 
Navigation is easy. There are several "sandy valleys from the shore into the deep. Just count how many you pass and you can easily find your way back to the entry point. Not that it matters much because you can leave the water everywhere as long as you end up in front of the shore. There are also several distinct groups of sponges that you can use to identify the place where you entered the water.
The coral density is high. The coral doesn't look that healthy everywhere. Probably some leftover damage from a recent hurricane. There are large gorgonians, large stove pipe sponges, some Elephant ear sponges and several kinds of hard coral. 
Also shallow it is a very nice place to dive.

How to get there

playa_hundu_htgtComing from the Eastern part of the island you take the road to Westpunt. That is for a large part the only road from the Eastern part toward the Western part of the island. Follow this road until you see a roadsign with Soto on it. There you go left in the direction of Soto. You stay on that road for a long time till you reach the church of Soto. Shortly after the church you go left in the direction of Sunset Waters.
You pass the plantation house of Great Santa Martha. On the left hand side there is a stone wall. When that wall ends there is a dirt road to the left (see picture). You have to enter that dirt road. After a while you reach a paved road. You have to follow that road and hope there are no cars from the other side because it will be difficult to pass each other. After quite some distance the road becomes a dirt road again. Shortly after you will see the sea. Park you car to the left or right.