Shore dive
Beach facilities


Playa Abou is a large beach. It is a favorite for the local people to visit with large groups and spend a whole day on the beach, mostly including a BBQ. There are some huts but you need to be early to get these. In the back there are trees where you can find shade.

For diving the location is less optimal because it is a long swim out to the drop-off but it is worthwhile. It takes about 6 minutes before you are close enough to the drop-off to go underwater. In front of the beach the coral density is low. The drop-off is rather steep, 60 to 70 degrees. Below 20 meters there is mainly sand.

To the left you reach an area with a more gradual slope (around 45 degrees) and a far higher coral density. There is a great variety in coral species and there are also sponges (Orange Elephant Ear, Netted Barrel Sponges, Azure and Pink Vase sponges to name a few). There are also some really large coral formations.

On the way back in toward the beach you swim over sand. But you could still be in for a surprise. During one of our dives here we encountered a small Sting Ray almost completely invisible because he was covered with sand except for his eyes and part of the tail.

How to get there

playa_abou_grote_knip_htgtComing from town you take the road to the Western Part of the island called Band'Abou. There is basically one long road toward that side of the island. On this road you take the second road on your left hand side in the direction of Soto. From there it takes about 15 minutes to Soto. You pass this small town and continue on this road. You pass the small town of Lagun (where Lagun bay is also a nice place to go to) and at the T-crossing you go left. After passing the 3 small hills in the road you see the traffic sign (see picture, left part) with Westpunt straight through and Knip to the left. You go left here. Continue that road. You pass a small porter house. After a few hundred meters there is another sign where you can choose between Playa Kenepa Chiki (Kleine Knip) and Playa Abou (see right side of picture). Take the direction to Playa Abou. At the end of this road you will find the parking lot of this beach. Leave no valuables in the car. Park your car. If you plan to stay on this beach for some time you can take everything including your dive gear downstairs to the beach. Otherwise gear up at your car and walk down the stairs to the beach.