Shore dive


Kleine Knip is the smallest of the two beaches near the plantation house Knip. The sandy beach is relatively small overlooking a large bay in front of it.

It is a secluded beach. You will find here mostly Antillean people. There are huts for shade and there are portable bathrooms. There is no restaurant so if you want to enjoy a day long at this beach you need to bring your own food and drinks. The locals tend to BBQ on or near the beach although it is officially forbidden. 
For diving it is a rather long swim out till the drop-off. It takes between 10 and 15 minutes to reach this point. From shore till the drop-off there is a long sand plateau with not much to see. The drop-off is very gradually. Between 10 and 25 meters there is nice healthy coral. Below 25 meters more and more sand is found. Especially in front of the beach between 10 and 15 meters is some high Star Coral formation.

How to get there

kleine_knip_htgtComing from town you take the road to the Western Part of the island called Band'Abou. There is basically one long road toward that side of the island. On this road you take the second road on your left hand side in the direction of Soto. From there it takes about 15 minutes to Soto. You pass this small town and continue on this road. You pass the small town of Lagun (where Lagun bay is also a nice place to go to) and at the T-crossing you go left. After passing the 3 small hills in the road you see the traffic sign with Westpunt straight through and Knip to the left. You go left here. Continue that road. You pass a small porter house. After a few hundred meters there is a road to the left marked by a red boulder. Go to the left and park you car near the beach.