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Advanced diver

Playa Canoa is located at the Northern coast in the Eastern part of Curacao near the windmills.

It has a small beach that is used by swimmers and surfers. This is one of the few locations on the island where you can surf on just a board. There are long waves rolling in from the sea. For the same reason it is also almost never easy for diving. When there are a lot of waves it is difficult to leave or enter the bay.
At the Eastern side of the beach there are some buildings. One of these is used by fishermen to clean and sell their fish. The other was in use as a well known restaurant named Perla Canoa, but currently this building is under construction. 
The best place to enter the water is in front of the building used by the fishermen. There is a small patch of sandy beach. After entering the water you have to swim in the direction of the opening to the sea. Be careful with the boats and shallow places to your left and right hand side. In other words look around above and under water. After rounding the large boulder at the entrance of the bay you better go under water to avoid to be tossed by the waves. Also under water it is still not easy to swim outwards because the waves move you back and forth.
There is a large shallow (3 - 7 meters) stretch of sand completely covered by seaweed. It takes about 7 minutes to reach the drop-off. 
The drop-off is not really steep, around 30 degrees. From 15 - about 30 meters the drop-off is completely covered with coral, sponges and soft coral with in-between seaweed. This gives the feeling as if you swim in a well maintained aquarium. At about 30 meters there is a sandy strip parallel to the coast.

How to get there

playa_canoa_htgtIt is not easy to explain how to get there. But as this is not a place where you should go without an experienced local diver that is not really a problem.
If you know where the plantation house Brievengat is, then you should be able to find this bay. You have to drive past plantation house Brievengat and alongside the industrial area towards the North. This is a winding road that finally brings you to the coast. There you continue following the road parallel to the coast. Just after the bend to the right there is a small natural bridge that is definitely worth a stop. Continue the road (lots of holes in the asphalt) till you see the bay. Continue till past the wooden houses in the direction of the windmills. Before you reach the windmills there is a white boulder at the left side of the road. There you have to turn left and drive toward the buildings next to the bay. You can park your car there.