Shore dive
This site can no longer be reached because of the construction of a large hotel at this location

This dive location is to the East of the Jan Thiel Bay. When the sea is rough it is difficult to enter at this site. So you better come here when it is calm.

Entering the water at the far left of the "beach" you have to walk between two large Elkhorn Corals to get to the open water. There is a buoy on the surface anchored to a large concrete block at the bottom that shows you where you have to return to the beach when you come back at the end of the dive. There is a small sandy plateau before you reach the drop-off. The top of the slope is covered with a lot of soft coral sometimes quite large. Deeper there is dense coral and several kinds of sponges. Near the shore there is Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral; this is one of the few dive locations on the island where you can see a lot of these vulnerable corals and they are still quite healthy.
Be careful because there can be a (strong) current at this location, so start always against the current. You will be rewarded with a very relaxed return. In case the current is too strong for a dive you can try to make a shallow dive near the shore.

How to get there

divers_leap_htgtDriving the Caracasbay road (Caracasbaaiweg) in the direction of Caracasbay you arrive at a roundabout. There you go to the right and follow the road till the next T-crossing. There you go left and follow the road in the direction of the coast. At your right hand side you pass the entrance to the Livingstone Resort. Shortl after that point you will see at your left hand side a large red boulder (see picture) marking two dive locations that can be reached from that point. This is just before you come at the second roundabout. You can park your car at the right hand side of the road next to the wall of the Livingstone Resort. Gear up, cross the road and follow the dirt road to the coast (n fact there are two dirt roads;you can take either one). Divers Leap is the first dive location and is next to the Jan Thiel beach. You can enter the water at the far left side of the rubble beach.