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Shore dive
Boat dive


This was a beach for the directors of the Shell company on the island. There were shark nets in the water for added safety. The remainders of this construction can still be seen above and under water. This construction is a perfect spot for your safety stop at the end of the dive. The poles have sponges and coral growth on them. Sometimes seahorses can be found here.

This is a well-known dive site so don't be surprised if there are a lot of other divers. Especially now that there is a guard on duty during the week days. This reduces the risk of a break-in in your car considerably.

The dive site is good to the right as well as to the left, so you can do a two-tank dive here. Bring your own food or drinks because there are no facilities on the beach or anywhere close by.

Immediately in front of the pebble beach there is a steep drop-off that continues on to the right. Watch your depth because you can easitly go deeper than planned. Although the wall is almost vertically there is still a lot of sand on it. There are several kind of sponges on the wall. 
You can also dive from here to the tugboat. If you are lucky this will be a drift dive but most of the time there is very little current. In case you plan to do a drift dive it would be wise to have a car at Baya beach; as a walk it is too far to go back to director's bay from there.

How to get there

Coming from town you have to follow the Caracasbaai road (road to the Caracas Bay) till the roundabout at the end. There you make a three quarter turn. Drive that road till the end. Follow the curb to the right and then once again right. When the road reaches the shore you should go left. Take the next road to the left and take a right at the following road crossing (T-crossing). Follow that road. It leads you to the main beach area (curently deserted) where the road turns left and continous behind the former restaurant building. At the next T-crossing you go to the left (for the Tugboat at Baya you would go to the right). Follow the road; you pass the Quarantaine building at your right hand side on the hill; the road makes a curve to the left; after a while you get a road at your right hand side. Take that road and follow it until you reach the parking place. During weekdays there will be a guard. Gear up and go down the stairs to the pebble beach where you can enter the water.