Shore dive

This site got its name from a long anchor chain that is dissappearing into the depth. Entrance is not easy and it requires a long hike to the place where you can enter the water. Even then it takes about 30 minutes before the anchor chain can be reached. If the pace is too slow then you will not reach the chain before you reach half tank. That happened to my buddy and me this time. Luckily the chain is not the only attraction. here. There is a lush underwater garden of sea fans and gorgonians at a shallow depth and it certainly worthwhile to spend some time in this garden.
This dive site is more easily reached with a boat, but it is possible from shore.

The dive site is at the Western side of the Caracas bay. If diving from shore you have to take a long walk along the cliff almost as far as possible to reach e sandy patch where you can enter the water. From there you have to swim along the drop off (very steep, almost vertical) for about 25 minutes before you reach the anchor chain. The chain is nicely covered with sponges and disappears out of sight in the depth. We normally swim till the chain and make our turn there by following the chain upward till about 12 meters. At that depth we start our return leg of the dive. At that depth is a lot of soft coral which gives the impression of a large garden with plants waving in the wind. 
If you have enough air left in your tank you can dive past the entry point till you reach the beach.

How to get there

caracas_bay_lost_anchor_htgtComing from town you have to follow the Caracasbaai road (road to the Caracas Bay) till the roundabout at the end. There you make a three quarter turn. When you see the blue building (see picture) you have to go to the right. Choose the entrance closest to the beach and drive along the beach till the end. There you can park your car.
To reach the entry point you have to cross the channel between the two bodies of water, the Caracas Bay at the left and a nameless water at the right. Closest to the nameless water the channel is about chest deep so you are able to reach the other side walking. From there you have to follow the coastline till almost the end (see text above).