Shore dive

Boka Sami (literally mouth of St. Michiel) is a bay in the village of St. Michiel (Sami). It is a large bay where you can always find a lot of fisherman's boats either in the water or on the shore. It is the house reef of Dive Wederfoort, the dive school of Eric and Yolanda Wederfoort. When Eric started as a dive instructor on the island he was the youngest dive instructor; currently he is the oldest active one, so you can imagine how many divers learnt to dive here.

It is a large bay, so you have to swim for some distance before you reach the drop-off. While swimming in the bay the water is shallow. There is a large buoy just outside the bay where large tankers or oil platforms can moor. That means that the see is deep enough there for these ships. The buoy is attached to a large chain in the bay. This is a very good distinguishing mark on your way back to turn into the bay.
The drop-off is about 45 degrees. In front of the bay the coral density is not very high but after 15 minutes to the right the coral density increased to about 100 percent. Over there the coral and sponges look also healthier. The coast line is not a straight line and the reef meanders back and forth along the coast. It is a nice place to dive.
After the dive you can take a drink or a meal (or better: both) in the Octopussy restaurant. There is a large terrace overlooking the bay and there is always a lot to see.

How to get there

boka_sami_st_michiels_bay_htgtFirst you have to go to the village of St. Michiel. Driving on the road to Bullenbaai there is a sign that directs you to St. Michiel. Follow this sign by turning left. Driving along the road through the newer part of St. Michiel you go uphill and then the road turns to the right. When you see a traditional house at the right hand side of the road you still continue to follow the road till you reach the coast. There you go right. At the end of the road you see the Octopussy Restaurant. This is also the dive school Wederfoort. 
Drive to the right of this restaurant and park your car next to the restaurant or a bit further closer to the shore. Most of the time a drug addict will approach you asking for some money. He is harmless. Give him a guilder or dollar for your own peace of mind. It means a lot to him even though he probably just buys drugs from it.
Your entry into the water is either through the restaurant/dive school Wederfoort or along the back of the restaurant. I prefer the backside of the restaurant. There is a bit of sand/rubble shore there where you can easily enter the water.