Shore dive

This is a divesite East from the city. It is not a beach. It is a small spot at the end of a street. It is the house reef of Atlantis Diving located here. 
The drop-off is close to the shore and the private harbor at the left hand side shields you from the waves when entering the water.

The only disadvantage is the sewage smell at this spot. There is a sewage pipe located here which has its opening above the waterline. 
Swimming away from shore brings you in a few minutes at the drop off. The way back is marked with a log pointing to the entrance point. At the drop off itself a long sheet of metal at about 10 meters is pointing in the same direction. The drop-off is quite steep. Near the entrance point the coral density is not high. There is a lot of sand between the coral. Going to the left this changes after about 15 minutes. The coral density is much higher there and the coral itself looks healthier. There are also some sponges: Elephants ear, large stove-pipe sponges, tube sponges, vase sponges and a few large barrel sponges.
The drop-off continues down as far as I could see from 25 meter depth.
On the way back a lot of soft coral can be seen. Above 10 meters there is a sandy platform with not much on it.

How to get there

atlantis_diving_penstraat_htgtDriving on the road along the shore, either coming from town through the Pen street or coming from the Breezes hotel you have to take the street at you right hand side (coming from town) or you left hand side (coming from Breezes) where at the entrance a billboard is situated which directs you to Atlantis Diving. Park your car near the end of the street.