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This is the harbor entrance of Curacao. This is the location where the Mediator wreck, the wreck of the Alpen can be found and it is also the location where on the bottom along the quay and under the Emma bridge a lot of stuff can be found from the 19th century.
The Mediator is the wreck of a steam ship freighter that sank in 1884 after a collision with a German ship.

The collision took place while the Mediator was moored at the quay. The ship sank rapidly and lays since then on the bottom of the harbor entry (Anna Bay) at a depth of about 20 meters (bow section) to 13 meters (stern). 
The wreck is 90 meters long and about 10 meters wide and it is in a remarkably good condition given the time it is under water.
STIMANA (the Maritime Archeology foundation of the Netherlands Antilles) is diving regularly on the wreck to salvage and conserver as much of the artifacts as possible. Another objective of STIMANA is to clean up the wreck and to make a dive attraction out of it while at the same time conserving the wreck.
Diving at this site is only allowed under supervision of STIMANA. There are regular occasions for a guided underwater tour (mostly on Sundays). There is a fee for this tour to be paid at the quay.

How to get there

anna bay htgtComing from the Juliana bridge (the high bridge that connects both sides of the city of Willemstad) at the Punda side you have at your right hand side the movie theater. Take the exit and pass along the front of the movie theater. At the end of that street go right. At the T-crossing go left and immediately right. At the end of that street go left and again left. When you see the buildings in the picture you have at your right hand side an entrance to the quay with a barrier. You have to tell the guard that you come for a dive at the Mediator and he will let you pass.
As said diving is only possible at certain times after contacting and under supervision of STIMANA.