Shore dive
Boat dive

The tugboat is one of the few boat wrecks that Curacao has. It is located to the East from the small Baya Beach (bay in front of the dive operator here).

From the sandy beach in front of the dive school you can easily enter the water. 
Diving at this location is special because there are several attractions. Entering the water and diving eastward (to the left) you swim along the gradual drop-off. First there is not much coral but that changes quite soon. After 5 to 10 minutes swimming you reach a vertical wall. Very impressive. The wall is covered with rope sponges that hang down like plants. There are also some large Elephant ear sponges and patches of very bright yellow branching tube sponges. Don't dive till half tank in this direction, because there is more to see on the way back. Swimming back at the shoulder of the drop-off you can see the chain to the buoy that marks the tugboat. Swim toward the shore from that point and you will reach the tugboat in shallow water. There are always lots of Yellowtail Snappers and a few large Blue Parrotfishes. The divers feed the fishes at this location and that explains why these fishes are absolutely not shy. But once again, don't use your remaining air at this point, because the main attraction is still coming. Swim further along the drop-off and after another 5 to 10 minutes you see the underwater structure of the pier. Swim under the pier and enjoy the beautiful sponges at all the concrete piles. At the end of the pier turn left and swim till the main beach of Baya beach club.

How to get there

Coming from town you have to follow the Caracasbaai road (road to the Caracas Bay) till the roundabout at the end. There you make a three quarter turn. Drive that road till the end. Follow the curb to the right and then once again right. When the road reaches the shore you should go left. Take the next road to the left and take a right at the following road crossing (T-crossing). Follow that road. It leads you to the main beach area (curently deserted) where the road turns left and continous behind the former restaurant building. At the next T-crossing you go to the right. Follow the road till you see the entrance of the dive operator at your left. Park your car there. Don't leave any valuables in the car.