Shore dive

This site got its name from the fact that there is a wreck of a small airplane located at this site. But this plane didn't crash. It fell overboard after the USS Erie was hit by a German torpedo.
The site is next to a public beach next to the Marriott hotel.

Apart from being a public beach it is also the place to enter the water for a dive eastward from this location. You can easily enter the water even when there are high waves on the open sea. Normally we go under water before we leave the bay. Continue swimming out to the drop-off and go left along the reef. Sometimes the visibility is less than optimal but that will improve farther from the entrance of the bay. Another option is to enter the water closer to the area where the people go for a walk, the Koridor. There is a bit more rubble there, but you can easily enter the water when the waves are not too high.
The drop-off is gradual. There is a lot of coral and soft coral but there are still a lot of sandy patches in between, so the coral density is not high. The main reason to dive here is because of the wreck of a small airplane from the second world war. It was a reconnaissance plane from the deck of the USS Erie. It fell overboard when the USS Erie ran onto the reef on purpose after being hit by a torpedo. 
Over time the wreckage is scattered over a large area from about 10 meters to more than 30 meters deep. Most of the parts are not easily recognized as being from a plane.

How to get there

the_crash_site_htgtThis beach can be found easily because it is next to the Marriott Hotel between the hotel beach and the entrance to the walking/jogging area Koredor.
A more complete description how to get there is:
Coming from the Juliana bridge from the Eastern part of the island you go right at the roundabout. Follow that road past the water plant till you reach a second roundabout (see picture). There you go left, the road downhill. When you reach the T-crossing you turn left till the end of that road. At the end there is another roundabout. There you have to turn right toward the beach. Park your car near the rocks.