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The Superior Producer is the wreck of a small freighter that went under in September 1977 just outside the harbor of Curaçao.

The wreck is sitting upright on the sand in about 80 to 100 feet of water. It is a nice wreck, but diving is not always easy over here because of the current. The wreck is reachable from the coast and is marked with a buoy. On the coast a big boulder with a dive sign is marking the entry point. There is a small sandy patch nearby where it is easiest to enter the water. Shore diving is only possible when the weather is quiet and the water is reasonably calm. Otherwise you are better of with a boat dive. 
The wreck is fully covered with coral and sponges. I never did a night dive here, but it should be beautiful because of the abundance of Orange Cup Coral. At night a boat dive is advised.
Also during the day a dive light would be a good accessory. Inside the wreck there are dark spots. And with a dive light you see the real color of the corals and sponges on the side of the wreck.

Attention: diving here is only allowed if there is no cruise ship or warship at the Mega Pier.

How to get there

superior_producer_wreck_htgtComing from the Punda side of town you have to cross the high Juliana bridge and take the first exit. Following the road you come at a large crossing with traffic lights. From there you can already see the palm trees along the shore. Drive through till the shore line and then turn to the right. You pass the Mega Pier with a large tent like structure at your left hand side and the baseball stadium at your right hand side. Follow that road another 100 meters and park you car near the boulder with the dive sign.

Update: it is no longer safe to park your car close to this dive site. If you do leave the windows and doors open and don't leave any valuables in the car. A better option is to park you car next to the Renaissance hotel or Swimming pool.