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This is a small beach next to the Sunscape (former Breezes) Hotel. The beach is visited mainly by local people from the surrounding area and by divers.

There are some shady areas although these are occupied most of the time. There are also two restaurants; one is called Seaside Terrace and the other Surf & Turf. Both serve local dishes at an acceptable price. Next to Surf & Turf is de diveshop of Twindivers. On the other side of the road is the diveshop of The Dive Bus.

The water in the beach is shallow. This area is frequently used for swimming lessons to the youngsters. So be careful when you enter the water not to disturb them. Swimming toward the see you could get some rough seas. If that is the case just go underwater and swim to the drop-off underwater. The drop-off is very nearby. The slope is gradual, between 30 and 45 degrees and densely covered with healthy coral. Most of the time there is not much of a current so you have a free choice of direction. To the right is not very interesting, so my preference is to go to the left, also because that is where the wrecks are. Going to the left you reach a sandy spot at around 20 meters deep. That is where the wrecks start from around 23 meters and deeper. First you see a small boat. What follows is mainly construction material and remainders of construction equipment. And of course the car wrecks. And finally you will reach a large pontoon at 30 meters (f you are not out of bottom time). So there is a lot to see. Watch your bottom time carefully because it is easy to loose track of time. 
The way back is also interesting because at around 15 meters there is still a lot of coral, soft coral and sponges. When you reach a sandy plateau you are almost back where you started. There is a large pillar of star coral where we normally turn back to shore. That is opposite the entrance to the bay.

marie_pampun_htgtHow to get there

This site is easy to find. It is next to the Sunscape (former Breezes) Hotel. Standing in front of the hotel facing the hotel it is at the right hand side. Coming from town it is just before you reach the hotel.
There are large signs at the entry of the parking lot of the two restaurants (see picture), so you can't miss this spot.

Enter the parking lot and park your car where you can find an empty spot. Gear up and enter the bay; while swimming out of the bay watch the buoy lines in the water.