Shore dive
Beach facilities
Entry fee

Jan Thiel Bay is a bay near Caracasbay. Most people who go there are tourists from the resorts in the neighborhood. You have to pay an entrance fee to go to the beach, but there is a small patch to the West of the "official" beach where you can enter the water and swim. There is no sandy beach there but for diving that is not a problem.

The water is almost always calm because it is an enclosed bay. There is a large opening to the sea and the drop-off is outside the bay. The bay itself is a large deep bowl in which a wreck of a sailboat is located. The wreck is only a few years old, so there is not much coral on it.
Outside the bay there is a gradual drop-off (about 45 degrees). In front of the beach the coral is a bit covered by sand and the visibility shows the neighborhood of the bay but as soon as you are on either side of the bay the visibility is normally very good. The coral density is high and there is a lot of soft coral and sponges. There is also an abundance of fish.

How to get there

jan_thiel_bay_htgtDriving the Caracasbay road (Caracasbaaiweg) in the direction of Caracasbay you arrive at a roundabout. There you go to the right and follow the road till the next T-crossing. There you go left and follow the road, first in the direction of the coast and then after a turn to the right parallel to the coast. At your left is the official entrance of the bay. You continue the road and at the next roundabout in front of the Chogogo resort you follow the road taking the first exit at the right on the roundabout. This is a dead end and you drive till the end and then take a turn left taking the dirt road. Follow that road till you see the sea and park your car on the right side. From there you can walk to the shore and enter the water. Depending on in what direction you want to dive you cross the bay to the right side or more or less diagonally to the left side.