Shore dive

This dive site is located at the backside of the water desalination plant. There the fishermen's village is located, a number of small wooden houses along the water with a small harbor.

The easiest place to enter the water is at the left hand side of the last two houses. There is an asphalt path to the water, on the left hand side the harbor and at the right hand side a small rubble beach where you can enter the water. After swimming outward past the harbor entrance you can go underwater when you want. In case of heavy waves we go underwater as soon as possible.

Goning to the left: The main attraction of this dive location is the underwater "landscape". There are two vertical walls with a lot of holes in it that attract a lot of fish and where you often can find one or more green murenes. Apart from that the slope of the reef is varying from very gradually till sometimes steep. It is the variation that makes this site attractive. Beneath 20 meters the coral density is moderate. Between 10 and 20 meters the coral density is higher and above 15 meters there is also a lot of soft coral and sponges.
The first wall will be reached after about 20 minutes to the East (left from the entrance in the water) at a moderate pace. It reaches from above 10 meters down to around 15 meters. At the bottom there are some large and deep holes, not really caves, but cave-like. This one is best explored when you are in the return leg of your dive. After 25 minutes in the dive you reach the second wall. This one is from around 18 meters till around 24.

How to get there

fishermen_s_village_htgtComing from the Western part of the city (Otrobanda) or from the bridge you drive along the "Pater Eeuwens Boulevard" till you reach a large intersection with on the other side of the intersection at the left hand side the water desalination plant (see picture). There you turn left at the traffic light and then right before the shore. Drive along the wooden fishermen's houses at the left and the water tanks at the right hand side. Park your car at the parking space past the last wooden house and before the gate to the path for joggers.
This is not really a beach so there are no beach facilities as such, but the one before last house is a small fish restaurant where you can get a decent meal or a drink after your dive.